Sunday, May 21st


Results have been updated for Female Flamingo Feat Age Group.

Did you fill in the blanks? We would say yes because you are all “triathletes” now. A huge thank you to all the “triathletes” that completed the 11th annual Emily Schindler Memorial Scholarship Triathlon. There were some bumps in the road along the way, but with the help of the Wood Memorial Church and the Community we had another very successful Triathlon. This year over $4,000 was raised for the Scholarship Fund.  This money will be awarded to a well deserving swimmer in the coming years. We are thankful and grateful to have the continued support of the community every year!

The results for this year’s triathlon have been posted here. Please note, the time for the bike leg was NOT included in anyone’s overall final time. The final time does include the swim time, run time, and the transition times for the swim to the bike and the bike to the run. The distance for the run is approximately 2.9 miles. Winners will be notified in a separate email with instructions for receiving your award.

Thank you to Mr. Stevens for taking many wonderful shots of today’s event. The pictures can be viewed here.

A special thank you to the sponsors and the volunteers.  The event would not run as smoothly without your continued support.  I would also like to extend a very special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Schindler.  The support and encouragement you have provided over the last 11 years has been tremendous.  Thank you both!

We hope everyone enjoyed today’s event. If you have any comments or suggestions for ways we can improve the triathlon please reply to this email.

Thank you,

David Ensor

Female 19 & Under Male 19&Under
1 Shayna Bloom 0:34:56 1 Joseph Sears 0:34:20
2 Lana Cate 0:37:24 2 Tyler Moran 0:34:45
3 Olivia Sheridan 0:40:58 3 Cole  Hite 0:40:55
Female 20 to 29 Male 20 to 29
1 Kelley Yang 0:42:39 1 Andrew Mintzer 0:38:47
2 Melanie Colgan 0:51:57 2 Joseph Holmes 0:40:50
3 Mary Miller 1:05:16 3 David Smith 0:56:11
Female 30 to 39 Male 30 to 39
1 Emily Seltzer 0:41:59 1 Robert Breslin 0:38:49
2 Jennifer Matsumoto 0:49:59 2 Jared Hickey 0:39:24
3 Desiree Denison 0:50:22 3 Brian Scott 0:46:13
Female 40 to 49 Male 40 to 49
1 Julie Peitsch 0:38:32 1 Mehdi Rezakhan 0:44:12
2 Pam Krahl 0:41:13 2 Scott Byerly 0:46:19
3 Cathy Russell 0:49:07 3 Jeffrey Schrumm 0:47:57
Female 50 & Up Male 50 & Up
1 Gayle Bremer 0:46:47 1 Paul Esposito 0:42:30
2 Diana Gough 0:47:55
3 Nanette Steinle 0:58:31
Female Flamingo Feat (Updated) Male Flamingo Feat
1 Jessica Tarsa 1:17:37 1 Chris Martinez 1:31:37
2 Jill Knecht 1:29:53 2 Patrick Sebring 1:33:54
3 Amy Shanks 1:31:13 3 Roger Shanks 1:41:34
1 Team  David Ensor, Chelsa Willoughby and Matt Mill 0:34:38
2 Team Jane Schindler, Diane Blubaugh and Maureen Ko 0:44:05